Understanding your data is key to organizational performance and customers experience.


Data-Insightica is a benefit corporation located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with plans of extending our operations in Ghana, Liberia, and Uganda by 2021. Our team has over 15 years of proven professional experience and expertise in data science, computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), geoinformatics, decision sciences, business intelligence, health analytics, and communications information systems to drive business decisions and outcomes. We provide personalized actionable insights from data by utilizing key techniques in research, statistical and predictive analytics, machine learning, and IA to turn organizational databases into an insights-driven cumulative lift, revenue, profitability, and to measure project impacts and outcomes across all major products.

We believe that organizational performance can only be realized when decision-makers have the right insights from their data to maximize performance, reduce or eliminate operational risks while ensuring that resources are conserved and sustained to minimize costs.

Our niche is, we incorporate a multi-faceted approach when handling our clients’ data. From the data preparation, exploration, analytics, visualization, and triangulation phases, our analysts apply professionalism within the industry to ensure data quality and quantity meets the pre-requisites conditions for statistical significance. We also employ a straight policy of data protection and governance to foster transparency, trust, responsibility, and reliability.

Our work is not complete until our clients and partners are satisfied with the results from our partnership. We invest the maximum number of resources to every project to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results and outcomes. Success to us means establishing a professional and amicable relationship with our clients and partners with the goal of impacting business processes, decisions, and outcomes through actionable insights that are data-driven.



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